Can I Ban a Genre?

Did a search here, but did not find any results.
Is there a way to Skip an entire Genre (or Sub)?
In other words, I’d like to Skip all my Xmas music most of the year :wink:

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You can move the X-mas music in a separate folder alongside (but not included in) your standard Roon music folder. Then setup a new storage location in Roon (Setup|Storage) and use the 3-dots menu to enable/disable it whenever it’s needed.


Thanks BlackJack.
This is the solution that I personally have used, however it has two drawbacks:

  1. The user can no longer view what music in that Genre they already have
  2. The user has to have a certain comfort level fiddling around in that Settings section. Many of my clients are not. They use Roon because they do not want to understand the 'behind the scenes" specifics.

Another possibility is the use of smart playlists.

I guess this will be a Feature Request :wink:
Just a simple Skip button, right next to the Genre label.

To skip what exactly?

You want to see/have them as part of your library but smart playlists don’t work either?

I’m confused now.

Ahhh, that’s my fault. All this time when I have written “Skip” I meant “Ban”.
I’m mixing my Reserved Words!

I changed the title of this thread to better reflect what I’m looking for.

Just as one can Ban a song or Album, I wish to easily Ban a Genre.

For example… if a particular album is tagged with both Jazz and Holiday, it will play if one chooses to play the Jazz Genre. If I Ban the Holiday Genre, then it won’t.

Personally, I use the specific Holiday storage location which I enable/disable as needed, as BlackJack had suggested. But, I do understand your need. FYI, Roon Radio will already not choose holiday music unless holiday music is what started the Radio Session.

I also, personally add a Christmas Tag to all my albums/tracks. That way I can focus on them quickly. I can them add them to a bookmark.

One option would be to Hide them. And then every Holiday season, either Unhide them or click the “Show Hidden Albums” setting under Settings / General. Note, that this method will also show any duplicate albums you may have. If you want to try it out, click on an album, click Edit and then click Hide album. Hidden Albums can always be Unhidden later.

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Banning or Hiding them individually certainly works, especially when you only have maybe a dozen or so.
I have a client who has perhaps thirty to forty, so while collectively viewing them all together is easy (via Genre), it can still be a minor chore to Ban/Hide each album separately.
First world problems :slight_smile:

You can do this by tagging all holiday albums with a Holiday Tag. Then you can click on that tag twice to turn it red, with a minus sign, and then you won’t see the holiday music that is also Jazz. Won’t help with Radio, but will help hide Jazz that is also Holiday.

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Well, you can tag all of them, like with “Holiday”. focus on the tag. Select all the albums. Click Edit. Select Hide.

Then you can un-hide and re-hide them with the one click option under Settings / General as I mentioned earlier.

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