Can I change the order of embedded cover art images?

Since Roon 1.3 it is possible to see more than one image which has been embedded in the file. That is nice, but it appears that you do not always have influence over the order in which they are displayed.

Is there a way to edit this order from the screen of your iPad? Because if there is, I have not found it yet.

There are two ways in which this would be nice, if possible:

  1. setting a primary image by tap-and-hold (like someone in another thread suggested before) or
  2. to be able to move them left or right in the order in which they are displayed.

As I Rip now with DB poweramp I put the Front cover on CD1 and rear cover on CD 2 and (With double discs of course) They appear in the correct order. Very nice. Then I drop in a PDF or two.

This is one of a number of improvements to the album art feature that I have already requested:

I looked for that but didn’t find it.

Anyway, count me in for a +1

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