Can I delete Artists from Library

There must be some way to delete Artist, no? “Edit” only allows editing changes to Artist info, but no way to delete as far as I can tell?? I’d like to be able to use the Library and “Artists” as a way to catalog different artists, composers and selected albums…


If you delete all the albums that an artist appears on, the artist disappears too. But you can’t delete an artist that is referenced from an album.

One thing I have found is that Tidal albums sometimes have hidden artists. E.g. if an album comes up under “Alice Smith and Bob Jones”, a long text string that is treated as one artist, that’s messy so I go in and remove that name and enter ‘Alice Smith” and “Bob Jones” as separate artists. But sometimes that compound name won’t go away because Tidal has it mentioned somewhere, like in track credits.

I seem to have a “phantom” artist variation (for Weird Al) that has no albums/tracks/appearances associated with it (see image). I have run “Clean up Library” to no avail. Is there some other method of forcing Roon to recognize an unassociated record and deleting it?

He’s there somewhere. I think if he’s got a non-performing or non-composing credit then he may not show up (an artwork credit for instance).

Try searching for him with the magnifying glass, and restrict results to library. See what album/track pops up.

Thanks, Brian for the quick response and assistance!

I don’t have Tidal/Qobuz, so I am assuming that any search is my library only (I don’t see an option to restrict to my library only). No album/track pops up (that I can see). When I try to play any tracks associated with that phantom entry, nothing plays.

I am planning to merge the artists (see below), so hopefully that will prevent the phantom entry from appearing in my searches. It would be nice to have some sort of “check associated records” feature.

He (the rogue one) has a long name - it includes the “/”. Are you searching for that? And does it pop up as an auto-complete?

I don’t follow that - are there tracks that pop up then? If you edit them do you see anything untoward?

If I search for the full text string (“Weird Al” Yankovic/“Weird Al” Yankovic), an artist entry appears. No other role is listed:

If I click on the Artist entry from the search results, Roon displays an artist page with no tracks (screenshot from my first post).

In that artist search result, I can click the “Play Now” button, but nothing actually plays (which isn’t surprising, as I don’t believe there are any tracks/albums actually associated with that entry).

Ok, I give up. Try your merge.

Merge seems to have done the trick (at least as far as removing the phantom artist from search results). Maybe the devs will consider adding a “show all associations/dependencies” utility in a future version.

Thanks again for your efforts, Brian! They are appreciated!

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I had the same problem, artists appeared in my library after connecting TIDAl. For each artist I put dot in the name in the edit and then they disappeared from the library. I hope this helps someone. :slightly_smiling_face:

If it doesn´t work - My Artists - Focus - select folder with your music