Can I do this with a Raspberry Pi?

I currently have Roon Core setup on my NAS in the office. I’m wondering if I could use a Raspberry Pi kit like this on my home theater rack to serve as an endpoint and control interface? I have a Denon 4520ci surround receiver.

I have no experience with Raspberry Pi or Linux.

So, question is (1) is this possible? (2) how difficult is it?

Checkout the RoPieee threads. I use this setup on my system. The only thing is that it is not a full remote. I can play pause and skip with this but not browse or searh. I use a tablet or phone as full remote.


I suggest you make very sure this kit includes the original made by raspberry pi 7” display and not a different one as it won’t work with ropieee otherwise.

It appears to be…

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