Can I edit the album info?

I am using a NUC as my Roon core with external NAS for the storage of my library content. The majoritiy of the library is classical music. In many cases there and box sets with overlapping titles that may need updating. Is there a way to edit the music or album details using the Roon app interface? Also, What is the recommended method of ripping music unto the NAS to get the best metadata and album art work into my library?

Hi Fritz,

You can edit things in Roon, however, those edits stay in Roon and are not in the actual files. I would suggest that you edit the files with the correct information using a tag editor of some type. MP3TAG, is one and there are many others.

There is one that also focus’ on classical, but, I don’t have any experience with it and can’t remember it’s name. (old age, lol). But, I’m sure someone else will pipe up with other suggestions.

Hi @Fritz_Rey,

I definitely recommend checking out our article about how to ensure that box sets are correctly identified in Roon.

Thank you Daniel.

Checking it now Dylan.

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