Can I Get Into Nucleus File System Using Mac Mini and Splashtop

I know little to nothing about an Apple computer, but I have a Mac Mini at home that I am using to control my Nucleus remotely using Splashtop. It works great to reboot the Nucleus and reconnect Tidal and Qobuz so that Roon ARC doesn’t stop working.

With today’s release of an updated Roon OS, I would like to get into the Nucleus file system using the Mac Mini and Splashtop if that is possible. I have gone to Finder on the Mac Mini and clicked on Network and can see my printer, but the Nucleus (or anything else) does not show up.

Can I do this and how? I have already downloaded the roonos.bin file to the Mac Mini and can do this update if I can somehow get into the Nucleus file system. Note: this is not something I have to do right now, I’m just trying to figure it out, if possible. Thanks.

Jim, have you looked at this guideline from Roon:

Have to be careful but lists how to access a Roon OS device using either a Mac or Windows.

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Thanks for that. I just had to enable file sharing. When I clicked Go, there was the Nucleus. I dragged the .bin file over and did the install. Nucleus is on B257 now.

Please close this thread. Thanks.