Can I get Roon to find missing album art?

I was wondering is it was possible to get Roon to find missing album art for some of my CD rips? Here’s an example of my album view:

There are a few album arts missing.

Roon might have the correct title of your CD but not be able to identify a version. You can go in to edit mode and search for the right version manually. Or, if you have album art you can tell Roon to use your art rather than its own.

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I have a few obscure ripped cd that Roon could not find album art for.
I just googled them, took a screenshot of the correct artwork then manually added into the album using the Roon edit function, which is a little awkward to find if not familiar but…

Select your album, then hit the three dots, select edit, select edit album, scroll down to album artwork, over on the select edit and add image then save.
You should be all set then.


I have a number of recordings which have no artwork, I’ve taken screenshots of tickets, flyers, basically anything identifying it and not a round grey disk.


When looking for album art, don’t neglect They often have several different versions of the cover and/or cover sizes.


The issue I am having is that Roon isn’t displaying “album.jpg” in the same folder as music files.

You can tell it in the edit to prefer your choice rather than its own?

Do you mean that Roon is displaying an alternative cover, or no cover at all?

If it is displaying an alternative cover, make sure that the import settings for the album art for the album are set to Prefer file…

Roons default method is to first get artwork and extra data from its metadata services. It first needs to match the album to one in its sources, this relies on ensuring your naming and metadata to be correct in the files and folders.

If for a reason the album metadata can’t be matched because it’s wrong or it’s just not in Roons metadatas services then Roon will mark the album as unidentified and you won’t get any extra metadata or artwork and it will fall to using embedded artwork.

Check to see if it’s unidentified first and see if you can manually identify to get a match. Select the album in question and using the 3 dots menu choose edit and proceed to identify it. If it still fails to still identify it then you can choose artwork yourself from the file or load in an image file . Not sure it looks for separate artwork files in the folders only emebedded artwork but I think they should be labelled as cover.jpg or folder.jpg this is what most apps expect to look for not album.jpg. If you only have a separate file then you can manually add this to the album in the edit menu. I have had to do this for a few rare albums not in its services.

Would be nice e if they added “prefer discogs” to that because all the booklets etc are there

Or someone can make a plugin

Just saying… lol

Maybe Roon would also include album.jpg as a valid cover art term? Most every other software recognizes that term.

Discogs is low quality artwork at a maximum of 600x600. I appreciate that Roon has higher standards for artwork quality than what Discogs provides. I don’t want Roon to be automatically selecting poorly cropped and poorly scanned and poorly edited 600 pixel artwork from discogs. I’d rather have no artwork displayed at all than have what discogs provides.

If I see an album in Roon with no artwork that tells me that Roon was unable to identify the album and that I need to check its metadata and get it properly imported. And if it still can’t find cover art for it then I find good cover art from other online sources and copy the best version I can find as a cover.jpg file in the album folder and Roon will use that image. And if I can’t find a good image online then I’ll scan it myself and edit it to look good. And if I’m ambitious and feeling generous and the image is good enough and big enough (1000px or bigger) I’ll upload the image to Musicbrainz and hope that Roon will find that artwork for the next person who has that album.

The purpose of Discogs images is to be an accurate representation of the actual physical cover for that particular release. The purpose of Discogs images isn’t to look good on screen for programs like Roon. The purpose is to have an image that is just good enough to let you visually see what the actual cover looks like for that release and help you figure out which version of the release you have based on the cover image. And the images that Discogs provides are just good enough to do that, but not so good that you’d want to use them for display in a media player like Roon.