Can I get Roon to find missing album art?

I was wondering is it was possible to get Roon to find missing album art for some of my CD rips? Here’s an example of my album view:

There are a few album arts missing.

Roon might have the correct title of your CD but not be able to identify a version. You can go in to edit mode and search for the right version manually. Or, if you have album art you can tell Roon to use your art rather than its own.

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I have a few obscure ripped cd that Roon could not find album art for.
I just googled them, took a screenshot of the correct artwork then manually added into the album using the Roon edit function, which is a little awkward to find if not familiar but…

Select your album, then hit the three dots, select edit, select edit album, scroll down to album artwork, over on the select edit and add image then save.
You should be all set then.


I have a number of recordings which have no artwork, I’ve taken screenshots of tickets, flyers, basically anything identifying it and not a round grey disk.


When looking for album art, don’t neglect They often have several different versions of the cover and/or cover sizes.