Can I have a "Whole House" zone and also a "Downstairs" zone?


I have 4 endpoints (all RAAT), 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs.

I can group them all together into a “Whole House” zone ok.

I can also group both downstairs endpoints into a “Downstairs” zone ok.

However, I can’t have both zones together, i.e. I have to take apart the “Whole House” zone in order to make the “Downstairs” zoe.

I’d like to easily be able to switch between zones.

Hope that makes sense?



Sounds like a Feature Request as its not doable in the current scheme of things as far as I am aware. I have moved it over there…maybe one of the guys will chime in and clarify if its on the roadmap or maybe on the map already by some stange twist of settings


Seems lIke at “bookmark” type feature would do it. Similar to what is available for library filtering.

A zone manager was discussed, by me :D, a long time ago. There is a thread somewhere around here about it…

this is on the roadmap… we have a project planned called virtual zones, that allows for overlapping endpoints.


Is there an ETA to allow grouped devices to be played separately without having to group/ungroup?

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