Can I have the *old* Discover back?

The Discover function used to point me to new music discoveries. But now when the Discover function is based on my own library it’s not as good anymore (to me anyway). Most of my local flac files are from decades ago. I don’t always share the music taste with my own taste from back then.

Is it possible to tweak the Discover function so it will not take my own flac-library as input? Here are some suggestions for filtering the input to the Discover algorithm:

  • decrease the weight the input from local files
  • limit Discover input from local files so it only uses music with the special tag, “Include in Discover”
  • exclude input to the algorithm based on a special tag, “Exclude from Discover”

The third option would probably be least invasive, since it would be fully backwards compatible. Even better, automate this option via a button on each suggestion on the Discover page, “Thumbs down”. This would make it very simple to get rid of annoying suggestions and bit by bit hone the input for the Discover function.

Discover isn’t limited to your local media but your Library which also includes streaming media–TIDAL and/ or Qobuz. AFAIK this hasn’t changed for a long time.

Can you share a screenshhot of what you are experiencing?