Can I have two DACs permanently connected to the two USB-ports of a Nucleus+?

I have a DAC for my Amp/Loudspeakers and another DAC for my headamp. I want to have them both connected permanentely to the Nucleus+, but will use them only alternatively (not simultaneously).

Is this possible?

I do not have the Nucleus yet, but it is important for my buying decision.


Yes, it’s possible. If you take a look at the manual you’ll see that the Nucleus has two USB ports. These can be used to connect “a DAC, headphone amp, A/V receiver, integrated amplifier, or active speaker system connected directly to [the] Nucleus”.

Thanks for your quick answer. I guess that it then should even be possible to use them simultaneously, i.e. DAC/Amp and DAC/Headamp as different zones with different music at the same time. True?

Yes you can either play two different albums or sync them together.

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