Can I install harmony remote extension?

I am using Ropieee on an Allo DigiOne Signature and I also have another RPI that I am using strictly to run RopieeeXL with a RPI display to show album art. I also have a Harmony Elite remote and I see there is a harmony extension for Roon. My question is, can I install the harmony extension on the RPI that is running my display?

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Now, that’s a real good question. If possible, it would present a useful purpose to have a dedicated RPi display setup in the room.

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Well, I gave up on this- seems like it is not really core to Ropieee- instead I got a Flirc IR receiver and used the default remote capability to let me use it from my Harmony remote.

Hoping you’re still around 3+ years later…

Can you please tell me your settings? I have a Flicr receiver and a Harmony remote and have not been able to get them to work with Ropieee.

I read in another thread that this should be plug-n-play. I plugged, but it won’t play (or stop, or skip).

1, Insert Flirc to USB-port on Ropiee, make sure in web-gui (Remote) that it is recognized
2. Add new Device to Harmony (I’m using “TCL 4K Roku TV”) as ROON
3. Map buttons in myHarmony


Thank so much for replying! I was about to give up.

It is step 3 that has me stumped. How do I map the buttons? My understanding is that FLIRC on Ropieee is supposed to correspond to play, stop, et cetera on the computer keyboard. I cannot figure out how to program the Harmony remote buttons that way.

That’s my problem but I’ll add some screen shots anyway.

Ropieee recognizes FLIRC dongle:


On my desktop, I set the FLIRC to media keys and recorded the remote.


The device I added was FLIRC Media Player.


Then I created Roon Bridge activity in Harmony.

When I go into the FLIRC Media Player to program the buttons, I get this:

But I don’t have a remote to program with! That’s what the Harmony is for!

OK, I have no idea what I did differently this time, but all of a sudden it decided to work. :man_shrugging:

As indicated above, I did no programming of keys within Harmony.

Yo might need to take step 3, depends what buttons Harmony auto-maps on your Roon-activity. I read you got it working so just enjoy :slight_smile: