Can I install ROCK on micro SD card?

I succeeded to install ROCK on SSD of my NUC8i5BEK and I use a usb drive for the music file.
But, I want to use internal SSD for music file storage.
Can I install ROCK on micro SD and use internal SSD as music file storage?

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Given that Roon Labs strongly recommend the use of an SSD to host the Roon database because of the demands that any reasonable sized library will place on it, I suspect that even if you could use an micro SD card to host Roon, the performance would be abysmal.

Yes, you can fill or empty a water reservoir using a teaspoon, but you’ll probably die before there was any noticeable effect…

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no. ROCK does not support the MicroSD.

How about using an external (SSD) for music storage instead? It’s more in the line of thought from the Roon team, and really not much of a problem? (At least in my situation)

I succeed to install ROCK on internal SSD 1 and take off
And… I made the SSD1 as external SSD
After then, I re-install SSD 2 inside NUC for music folder.

Now I use external ssd1(USB) for ROCK core and internal SSD2 for music folder and sound quality is much better than before(using USB SSD as a music folder)

I don’t know what makes the difference. but It’s definitely different for me.
(May be the USB controller makes noise… or the speed difference of USB vs. m2 ssd interface)

:slight_smile: Thats great!
Are both drives m.2 SSD types?

I’m sorry.
I was confused. Technically both are internal ssd.
1 is sata. 2 is m.2
the only one difference is location.

Before this work.
m.2 ssd is used for ROCK and usb external ssd is used for music folder.

I can’t find any margin for 2.5inch ssd in my NUC(it’s ssd only version) Thus I pull out the sata cable, like picture

:slight_smile: Creative! A bit messy though, and i’d deffo go for a NUC with space for both the Roon DB disk on m.2 PCIe and the files on a 2.5” SSD. :slight_smile:

But, the i provement you are hearing, i think is coming from powering the storage drive separately (and some perhaps from the outboard location)
Have you tried storing your music on a NAS/Share on the network?
Not saying it wil sound even better, but it might be a more streamlined solution.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, love your creativity! (i didn’t even think the BEK NUC had SATAconnectors?)

I tried to compare the network file and the local file with my desktop.
And, I felt that local file was slightly better.
That’s why I started to do this kind of complex trial.

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