Can I locate/extract details of my Tidal favourites from Roon?

Hi Roon Peeps,

Like many on here, I love the seemless integration of Roon and Tidal, with perhaps 60% of my library being Tidal albums I’ve added to my Roon library.

However with the negative stories of Tidals financial woes I’m wondering what happens if Tidal does indeed sadly fold.

Two main questions.

  1. If Tidal disappeared overnight then would my Tidal library still show in Roon - they just wouldn’t be playable? I assume not.

  2. Is there anyway currently to extract the list of albums/artists from Roon or the Roon database? Ideally, I’d like to produce a manual excel list of the all the albums so that if Tidal goes under then I don’t need to rely solely on my memory for the list of albums I’ve lost and need to consider buying.

Many Thanks,

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If Tidal goes the Tidal albums you have would not be playable.
To export an xls list of Tidal albums on a pc or Mac.

Go to the three lines top left
Select albums
Click on focus
Click on the right arrow of the focus screen
Select format
Select Tidal

Then click outside the white windows to get back to the album view that should now be your Tidal albums, there should be a green Tidal focus button centre top of screen?

Select one album via a long click
Top left it says one album selected, this is a drop down, change to select all
Top of screen there are three vertical dots, click and select export xls

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Good to know thanks Ratbert

Thanks @Ratbert

I’ll give this a go.

Appreciate the help.


Did as suggested and received an .xls file. But two different Office programs said it is “unsupported” when I tried to open it. So clearly something is wrong with the way Roon is creating the xls file. Maybe this should be flagged for support?

What version of excel are you using? This is more likely an excel issue have a look at this issue online.
I have just tried it on my system and I exported a list to my Mac and opened it in the latest version of excel (not Office 365) I did get a warning of incompatibility but had the option to open it anyway which it did successfully.

They’re using a very old 2004 XML (Excel Macro) format for export, just click open anyway and save it to XLS format.

Yep, I get a warning but it does open. Office 2010 - Win 7.

It appears it thinks it an


but is in fact an


No harm doing this, surprised to see I “have” 372 Tidal albums.


Yeah, when I changed the name of the file from .xls to .xlm, it worked. Very strange that Roon has it setup to produce a file with the wrong suffix.

Just did the excel extract and it worked like a dream.

Great stuff.

Many Thanks Ratbert!


Thank you, Ratbert! I have followed the steps and a large excel file has been created. How do you play these albums now in Roon? Thanks!
George Eshelman