Can I lock my own metadata changes?


I have used a lot of time adjusting metadata on each album (+1.500) I have ripped and added to Roon. Added the correct albumcover, the correct tracktitles, genres and so on. Some albums costed a lot of work, some was almost perfect when imported.

However, suddenly some albums has started to change. One example is Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love, which suddenly had spanish titles, after the original english, on each track. Another example is Genesis’ Invisible Touch, which has suddenly changed the original cover.

As I said, a lot of metadata was almost perfect from the start, so i didn’t change anything or only a few things, so the matadata often stands as “prefer Roon”. A lot of my work is now totally wasted and I hate when that happens. So I really would like an explenation on why these changes is happening. Who can make changes and isn’t data validated? But most important, isn’t it possible to lock an album, when I’m satisfied with the metadata, so no changes will affect my albums in the future?

Best regards
Erik Markussen

Erik, how are you managing your personal metadata? From within Roon itself or in a separate application? While I am not a user of metadata editing software, if you use an external application then force Roon to use primarily “Prefer file” I believe there is a better chance of retaining that personalized metadata instead of Roon overwriting it.

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Roon isn’t overwriting your metadata file tags.
Edits you make from within Roon are saved to your Roon database not your files.

I use a metadata editing program to edit my file tags how I like it and have Roon set to prefer file data.

You can set Roon to prefer Roon or file data on a global basis or for individual albums or tracks.

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Hi Robert.
Thanks for your answer and suggestion.
I’m managing my metadata from within Roon - and it looks like that’s my problem. I’m using a cd-drive directly connected to my Intel NUC with Linux/Roon Rock. So I guess my option is, as you suggest, prefer fileinfo. Hoped three were a “LOCK ALBUM” setting, I had missed😉

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Hi Placebophile
Thanks for your answer. I’m aware of metadata are stored in the database and not on the files and as you suggest, I have to change my settings. So I guess my option is, as you and Robert suggest, prefer fileinfo. Hoped there was a “LOCK ALBUM” setting, I had missed😉

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