Can I map 2 ch audio to multiple speaker in a 7.1 setup?

Not sure if this has been answered before, I couldn’t find it anywhere…

Is it possible to have stero content come out of more than just the front L/R speakers in a 7.1 setup?
Ideally I’d like to be able to have it also come out of the Mid and rear speakers.
So In L -> Front L + Mid L + Rear L
In R -> Front R + Mid R + Rear R

Is it possible to do this?

And possibly mix the L+R for centre and subwoofer…

If you have a zone that supports multichannel playback via Roon and is configured accordingly (Channel Layout 5.1 or 7.1) you can add a procedural EQ to the zones DSP settings and add a Mix operation there. Configure the channel setup therein as you wish but note that Roon won’t switch the mixing layout when you start playing multi-channel content. You have to switch DSP settings yourself. You can save a DSP preset for stereo and a preset for multi-channel playback to do so quickly.

I’m not sure about the L+R mixing for Center and LFE though so hopefully others can comment on this.

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Mate, you’re a genius! Working perfectly, and my adding additional mixing rules, I could mix L to front and then add another rule for R to front, effectively mixing the 2. working sub as well.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, now I’ve read a little on upmixing, and saw that the producedural EQ has all sorts of options like delay, phase invert, eq…

Does anyone have a recommended set of setting for doing 2ch to 7.1 upmixing? i.e. order of operations, what sort of delay time to use, which channels should be inverted?

I have the same problem and have been unable to resolve. I am running Roon Core on a MacBook Pro, the latest i9 edition with maxed out RAM. I output to a NAD 765 receiver that has its own DAC, using a USB adapter to HDMI out from the MacBook Pro, into the NAD 765 receiver. I have tried a procedural EQ, but it makes no difference when playing a 2 channel source, such as from Tidal or my own collection of CDs. The problem is apparently between the MacBook Pro and the NAD 765 receiver. I have even fiddled with the MIDI settings on the MacBook Pro but have failed to come up with a solution.

Interestingly, I also have XFINITY as my home cable provider, and frequently play their channel Music Choice. All video and audio connections incoming from XFINITY are through the MacBook Pro, and I output sound to my 7.1 surround speakers (2 ELACs on stands, center Infinity speaker, and 2 PSBs (each with back and side outputs). In this case I can get 7.1 sound. I’m not sure if Music Choice on XFINITY is providing a 7.1 feed. or whether it is 2.0.

Roon only supports multichannel out via HDMI I believe and not via USB, I could be wrong though. Sounds to me as your amp is decoding to pseudo surrroud for the XFINITY cant see any radio station internet or otherwise sending out multichannel. Most amps have this setting, I know mine does.

Meridian processors do Trifield and Ambisonics to do exactly that