Can I move a post to a different thread?

At TL3 (Regular), do I have the ability to move a post I’ve created in an incorrect thread? If so, how (I’m using an iPad 7th gen to access the forum)?


If you see a pencil next to your thread title, click it to reveal requested option.

Heading over to discourse and searching for TL3 I see …

Users at trust level 3 can
Recategorize and rename topics
Access a secure category only visible to users at trust level 3 and higher
Have all their links followed (we remove automatic nofollow)
TL3 spam flags cast on TL0 user posts immediately hide the post
TL3 flags cast on TL0 user posts in sufficient diversity will auto-silence the user and hide all their posts
Make their own posts wiki (that is, editable by any TL1+ users)
Daily like, edit, and flag limits increased by 2×
Admins can change these thresholds by searching for TL3 in site settings.

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Hi @Saturn94,

Only mods can move posts from one topic to another.
If you inadvertently post in the wrong topic there are a some options to consider:

  1. If possible and still appropriate i.e. no one has replied then just delete it and repost.
  2. If possible and still appropriate edit the post (just say it was mis-posted) and also flag the mods to request it be deleted.
  3. Flag it for the attention of the moderators as “other issue” and let us know your intention.

Hope that helps.

PS if it’s a new topic just created in the wrong category then follow @Marin_Weigel advice.


Oops, my mistake, thanks for the correction!

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