Can I move my current active ROON Core to another Computer?

Can I move my ROON Core to another Computer ?

Currently, I have it running on my MacPro 12 Core (Mid 2010) with 128GB RAM and 1TB Super Fast PCEI Samsung SSD running macOS Mojave… and I’m thinking of moving my database of 2 weeks over to my MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar plus 520GB SSD startup drive with 16GB RAM.

Any comments or suggestions most welcome.


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Sure. It’s a piece of cake.

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Hello Scott B and greetings from Ireland.

Thank you so much for that article… it is easy… and great info to know… I’m just worried what size it will bloat to… and also… my main MacPro 12 Core computer that runs the ROON Server software has alot of add on devices and having that machine always on until about midnight each night is a little crazy… but my standalone MacPro laptop is always on… so thinking might be best on that… but I do love it on my MacPro 12 Core computer as I have a dual screen setup… QTY 2 x 32" 4K monitors… and one monitor is totally dedicated to ROON… I would miss that… :slight_smile:

Thank you again for all your generous help and assistance with this issue… :slight_smile:


My pleasure Anthony. I wouldn’t be concerned about ‘bloat’. Some folks have enormous setups and run them fine. As for the loss of the nice indulgences, well, I’m sure you’ll find a way to get through it! :wink:
Have a great weekend enjoying the music.

I had almost the same 12 core Mac Pro with dual monitor setup and ran Roon Core on it for over a year. My machine stays on 24 hours a day as it runs many things in my house. Roon ran almost perfectly on it and the only issues I had when starting to use heavy dsp in a couple of zones while playing to multiple zones (I have 12 zones in my house). In this case there could be an occasional glitch in playing. I also have a MacBook Pro but do not think it would have been a better system. I did make the decision to by a Nucleus+ as I do think a dedicated, optimized device is best for Roon but I still have a backup Roon Core install on my Mac Pro I can switch to if my Nucleus+ has any issues. If the choice is running in your Mac Pro or your MacBook, I would definitely keep it on your loaded Mac Pro. And I still keep a screen on my Mac Pro dedicated to Roon even though core is running on my Nucleus+ :slight_smile:

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Hi Craig… you are so good for dropping me a reply with your comments. I think I will stick with my MacPro for now… I love having my 32" 4K screen dedicated to work and my 30" Apple Cinema Display dedicated to my ROON Server app and my Twitter Timeline Feed… :slight_smile:

I would never be playing to 12 zones at one… max would be 2-3 zones… so I think I will take your advice and keep things as they are… maybe if I get a new 16" MacBook Pro with 32GB RAM… maybe… but your suggestion of the Nucleus+ sounds like a great solution also… down the road… :slight_smile: My wife would kill me if I spend anymore of our money on all the High-Resolution audio upgrades I have been making since I got ROON only a few weeks ago really now… I’m HOOKED!! :slight_smile:


Good luck. Glad I could help a bit. I think it’s smart to get data over time on how well your current setup performs and then react if you see any issues or identify areas for improvement. You can pull the trigger on a nucleus at any time.

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I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to migrate from one machine to another… I moved from one windows pc to another but it all worked seamlessly…

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Glad to hear things went smoothly!

I followed all of the steps religiously. my Core is now on another PC, and works fine with my sonos connect end point all evening. I’ve not op-ened up the app on my desktop PC (where the core used to be stored) and tried to play via my JDS dac amp and headphones. This player does not recognise my headphones and DAC, does that ean I now have to install the drivers form my JDS onto my new Core device ( a really old useless laptop).
If so, why the heck is this not part of the migration process guidelines? It’s really important, if it’s the case I’d not have moved my core. This is really basic important info. I feel like I’m wasting my time here again…

A few more facts may help,

Is the old PC connecting to the new core OK ?

What is the spec of the new core laptop ?

How is the JDS connected to the new core ?, if USB I don’t think it will be supported?

Pls post Settings > Audio , you may have some funnies . It shouldn’t need any further intervention

I moved my core PC > NUC the PC still worked as a remote once connected to the new core. It shouldn’t be complicated

It randomly connected after trying multiple times. None the wiser why it hadn’t, as I’d enabled all of the connections in Roon settings.

The only change was moving the core to the new laptop, all of the pathways and drivers unchanged on the original PC. I presumed that the PC output is the endpoint, which is the xmos driver for jds dac.
Maybe it’s just the core going through whatever networking setup processes?

To answer your Qs

Yes, old pc connected to new core without any problem at first attempt.

Laptop is an old 2010 Asus, high spec then, not so today, but it’s dedicated to Roon nothing else, apart from running chrome occasionally. Chipsets is a quad core Ivybridge (that ages it!)

Audio settings per attached screen shots

Have you tried Exclusive Mode = Yes in the WASAP Device setup on the JDS

This works for my AudioQuest Dragonfly on my desktop (Non Core PC) but the Dragonfly is Roon Ready

Yes, the jds is configured with the xmos driver, and wasapi exclusive mode.

I have another issue now, though don’t know if it’s Roon, my laptop, or streamer. Slow loafing of trsckssi they stop. Same on qobuz and from my media library on my NAS. Internet speeds on the laptop with core installed is over 40mbps. 300mbps at the router, so that’s not the issue. I’ve installed a new nad CS1 streamer, which is the new element, and not had this problem prior, though core only been moved a couple of days ago, so it might be related.
I guess the question, how much impact on Roon capability is dependent on processor speed and quality of the wireless modems?