Can I move my (Mac OS) database to an external SSD?


I am running Roon core on a mac osx (Catalina) machine from 2011 which works great but sometimes I may experience a slight sluggishness in the presentation of “Overview” for instance. I do have an SSD around (the storage medium of the Mac is a spinning HDD) but I cannot find any good information on how to possibly move the library database to it (if it is possible) to see if that helps.

Any pointers?

Sending the library to a external ssd won’t speed up Roon.Roon recommends to have Roon installed on a SSD.Best would be to install a ssd in the mac and have the operating system and Roon on it.

I don’t think you can move the library. You certainly can’t in windows but I’m not a Mac person. For an answer from support post in the support category as that is where they monitor posts.

Probably the easiest way, if this is a dedicated Roon Core, is to swap the HDD with the SSD and reinstall the OS on it.
Take a backup first and save it on a medium you can easy access for a restore.
Make sure you can install the OS from a USB stick or from the net.
You can connect the HDD and copy the library to the SSD, or where you want it.

Other options:

  • clone the HDD to the SSD and swap.
  • install Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 LTS if the processor (i5 or i7) permits.