Can I play FLAC files in Roon on Apple's OS? [Answered -Yes]

Title says it all. Im a bit confused. Can I play FLAC files on my SSD/harddrive on my Mac Mini via Roon?

Ask a simple question, get a simple answer: Yes.

(I just tried this on my Mac Mini here to confirm, seems to work)

Thanks for the fast response :stuck_out_tongue: I wasnt sure if Roon would play FLAC files on Apple’s OS or I needed to buy ALAC files instead when I buy music.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

One of our more important design/UX principles is that everything work everywhere. So if we support a format at all we need to be able to support it everywhere.

Not being able to play FLAC on Mac is an iTunes issue, but not a Roon issue. However, the FLAC issue in iTunes will be resolved in the next OS.