Can I play the music that is already in my iPhone (downloaded by Apple Music) using Roon ARC?

I already have all my music files in the hard disk (Internal Storage) of my iPhone and, obviously, I can access and play it with Apple Music. I would like to know if I can discover and play the music that is already downloaded in my iPhone using Roon Arc, you know. I have the hope because it’s the same I did with Roon on my computer, I ordered roon to search and add the files from the Apple Music folder. It seems silly to me to duplicate everything that is already on my iPhone if I start downloading one by one the albums that are in the core of my MacBook’s hard drive, which by the way are more than 2000 albums, some of them high resolution.

Not right now no I’m afraid.
Arc will not read any of your local phone storage.


Could you not use a file manager and drop those files into ARCs download folder for now? Or will the database not pick them up still?

No you can’t do that it needs to be part of your database on the core for Roon to see it and be downloaded within ARC for it to be used offline. It’s not a local media player it’s for accessing your Roon account library and linked streaming accounts.

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I don’t know how to do that…

You can’t as it’s a hidden location in the app iOS does not expose such things and it would not work if you could. Arc is not a standalone music player it’s for an extension of your Roon core on the move.

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Roon is not integrated with Apple Music. Only with Tidal & Qobuz. Even in those cases, Roon ARC can’t access music downloaded in Tidal and Qobuz apps.

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