Can I put ROCK on this?

I run Roon Core now on my Core i5 2017 Macbook Pro, streaming to a Bluesound Node 2i and it runs FINE. I can do all DSP that I need to do and there are no issues with dropouts, delays, or other problems.

My library is currently 600 CDs but I am ripping more. I also use Tidal/Qobuz a lot so I’m not sure I’ll ever exceed 2000 CDs.

It might be nice to have a dedicated machine, since I use the laptop for general purposes and I thought there might be some benefit to a dedicated Roon server machine. Also, I could leave it running all the time. It would be downstairs (where the laptop is) while my listening room is upstairs, so PC appearance and fan noise are of no concern.

Mainly I am asking the community: Can ROCK be installed on something like this as opposed to a NUC? This is cheaper, and a little easier.

Or just use Windows 10 on the PC and don’t worry about it? This PC would never ever be used for anything else other than Roon Core.

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