Can I reset the maximum number of search results to over 50

All my searches have a hard limit of 50 results. For example I want to see all the albums with Brahms, and all I get are 50 albums, when I have several hundred albums. Any way around this?

Try using the focus facility in the albums browser.

Thanks. I tried, but it seems that Focus only allows me to search the metadata, not a search of words or phrases in the title, like the Search function. Most of my albums are rips I did of my vinyl and tapes (over 10,000 albums) and they don’t have any metadata. For example, under Composers, there are only the CD’s and commercial downloads under Brahms, not my many rips of LPs and Tapes. Can I search for a key word or phrase in Focus? If not, is there a way of increasing the number of albums displayed on the regular Search function?

No problem. Again on the album browser, type into the little funnel, top right. (I’m away from core at present so can’t do a screen shot).

Does that work?

Brian, thanks so much. Works like a charm. Larry

Hooray. When you’ve done that, save your search with a bookmark so you can easily recall the results. (and it automatically changes if you add more albums)