Can I run ROCK on a NUC5i5RYH?


Right now I’m running Roon Server on my Mac mini M1, but I’d like to use it for other stuff instead, and as I’ve read a lot of positive experiences with a NUC ROCK, I’m looking into that option instead.

Will I be able to run a ROCK on a NUC5i5RYH (Intel NUC Kit NUC5i5RYH Product Specifications) without any issues? I use Roon for streaming and ARC only. No local music files.

I can get a second hand NUC5i5RYH w. 4/8GB ram and 240GB SSD for 75/100$ respectively.

On my Mac mini I’ve set a static IP address in the OS settings. I don’t see a network setting in the Roon Server app, so how can I set a static IP in the ROCK software?

Above answered here: ROON ROCKS! - YouTube


Others have

You’d need to set the IP on your router.

Thank you for the link.

You will - of course not - set the IP in the router, but in the client :slight_smile:

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You can reserve an IP address associated with a MAC address of a NIC in your router, assuming your router is handling DHCP requests. You have to use this method for ROCK.

A static IP address is an IP address that’s manually set on a NIC (Network Interface Card).
A DHCP Reservation is a pre-set IP that’s provided by a DHCP Server, and given to a NIC when a NIC calls out to a DHCP server for an IP address.

Sorry @ged_hickman1 - I was not precise in my question. I know what a static IP is, but I did not know, that there is a setting option on the ROCK. On the Roon Server software there are no option.


ROCK is the operating system AND the Roon Server app in one package.
You adminster the operating system part through the GUI, on the devices IP Address. There you can set your address to a static one.
@ged_hickman1 is suggesting another path to the same result though, setting a reserved IP adress through DHCP means.
But if you have a subnet where parts are not served up by your DHCP server, likely your router, you can manually set your ROCK’s adress through the GUI.

PS Your suggested NUC is a supported one and will work just fine with a medium sized library, go for 8Gb though.

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Never set a static IP anywhere but in the device that is using DHCP. To do otherwise is just asking for address collisions or to forget that you have done so.


What router would you suggest? I’m using an Apple AirPort Extreme router in my network, and although Roon recommends not using Apple network hardware, I’ve never had any issues in any regard when using Roon. I don’t think I can set IP’s for specific MAC address though. EDIT: Indeed I can.


Where are you getting the NUC from?

The equivalent to Craigslist where I live (Europe).

I always tried to get a router compatible with OpenWRT firmware. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. My router already has the features I need it seems, but thanks for the advice.

Bought the NUC today and installed ROCK. It seems that everything works, but everyday use has to confirm that. ARC can connect, and my router is set to give the ROCK the same/static IP via NIC MAC address.

Thank you all for the help!

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Playback works on my Ipad and on my Argon SOLO. And it only uses around 7W/h (no DSP in one zone). I think that’s actually a bit less than my Mac mini M1. I like :slight_smile:

Does it have a name - I live near Europe :grin:

Of course -

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May I ask what disk you got? I’m about to build a core from the same NUC myself.
M.2 PCIe or M.2 SATA? Or 2,5" SSD?

Just the stock 2.5" SSD the NUC5i5RYH was born with. I don’t think there’s even a M.2 socket on the motherboard. Normal SSD is more than ever needed.

Oh yes, it’s got M.2 and 2,5".

Oh well. I’m not gonna bother. The SSD works fine.