Can I run RoonServer on RPI2/armv7hf build? [solved]

I was hoping to run RoonServer on my Raspberry Pi 2. I see a RoonServer for x64 build. Any plans to create a build for armv7hf?


Er, it’s there, isn’t it?

I see RoonBridge for arm, but not RoonServer (only x64)?

RoonServer (x64)
RoonBridge (x64)
RoonBridge (armv7hf)

Yup, you’re right. Sorry, my mistake…

A Pi does not have the muscle required to run RoonServer efficiently (not to mention what the database would do to an SD card)… So no – no Roonserver for Pi. It can make an excellent Bridge though.,…

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@RBM - thanks for that. It makes sense; particularly the observation about databases and SD cards - I’ve got bitten by that before now…

Thanks. I had forgotten about the DB on SD issue…

Theoretically you could mount a different drive for storing the database – but then you’d be limited to the Pi’s notorious USB bus… Anyway you look at it – it’s not a pretty sight.

When inexpensive ARM platforms start performing at the right level, absolutely.

The CPUs are getting there. Bus speed and peripherals still have a way to go.

The best platforms are getting good enough, but they’re not the ones people run linux on. Only huge companies have access to the parts–Apple, Samsung, etc.

We’ve seen what Roon looks like on the inexpensive platforms. It’s not an experience we can endorse or support.

We fully expect this to get better, but the world isn’t there yet. Thankfully, the world moves quickly on this stuf…

Thanks for your thoughtful response, Brian. I like your idea of an Intel NUC that you’ve mentioned in other posts.

And congrats again on a great 1.2 release.


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