Can I set up an old laptop I have as a roon core?

I have an old laptop I would like to set up as a dedicated roon core. I want to try this before I invest in a Nucleus.

As long as it meets specifications it should be fine.

EDIT added below from the Roon help page…

Can you provide the details of this laptop like it’s specs to see if it meets Roon minimum requirements?
Most likely it should do for simple Roon tasks but we would not like you to have a poor beginning experience due to sub optimal gear.


Big question is has it got an SSD as oppose to an HDD , and what processor is it

Roon is a demanding app and using a “repurposed (old) laptop” will likely lead to frustration

As @rrwwss52 says check out the minimum requirement.

PS I have a 10 yr old Samsung i7 with an HDD , it doesn’t run Roon , even as a Remote its too sluggish to use !!


Thanks, It has an i5 processor and SSD. I have cleaned every thing off of it but the operating system.

I considered taking off the operating system and loading ROCK, but I wanted to try it first with Windows 10 intact.

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ROCK shouldn’t work as ROCK is designed for the Intel NUC platform. However, Windows 10/11 works fine for a Core. How much memory is in the laptop?

There is only one way to find out … See how it runs, try a 192/24 and 96/24 file as well as CD quality

RAM and (which) Processor details may help a considered decision, there are lots of i5 processors , laptops tend to be very low GHz rated CPU’s

I started Roon (full version core and remote in one) on a core2duo desktop PC that I had since 2006 and it ran just fine. Processor usage was under 5% most of the time with peaks to 20%
Ofcoarse a faster processor is snappier but I have found Roon to be a lot more dependant on the capabilities of your network than is is dependant on computer hardware.
Btw, any computer upgrade did not make any change in sound quality, as in totally none.

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