Can i show only albums that have no local copy


Is it possible to simply display all the albums in my library that do NOT have a local copy. i.e. qobuz only.

I’d like to see this so I can work out if I want to buy some of those albums.

Its an 80000 track library with a lot of manual work gone into the catalogue so I don’t want o do any destructive processes. I feel like Ive just missed a trick, some combo of inspector tags?

a Quick update: I can use focus to select the storage location “qobuz” and then inspector select “duplicates” but I cant then switch the duplicates fl;at to NOT duplicates like you can do with many other flags.

Many thanks

Using focus, select duplicates.

Select all. Add to a new tag, dups for example.

Clear. Now use the tag icon to select the dups tag - this can be inverted. Do so.

Now focus on qobuz.

Does that work?


Doesn’t it just work to select “storage location: local” and invert that? Seems to work for me (except that it includes albums that I have marked in Qobuz and locally on vinyl only, but that may not matter in this case)

Edit: well maybe not really


Thanks Brian, that does work. Its a bit fiddly, have to create the tag first (cant create tags in the context menu) and it took a while to remember you had to select one before being allowed to select all. But yes, fabulous. Have a a virtual pat on the back from me.

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that doesnt seem to do it for me, still includes where qobuz is primary but other local copies exist. Brian below go me there though, thanks for your time

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