Can I shut down Roon Core (On MacBook)

Hi there,

I am brand new to Roon and on a trial. For testing, I installed and run the Core on a MacBook Pro.

I understand the Core server runs all the time but I like to know if there is a way to shut down the server. My MacBook is a shared resource, not a dedicated music server so I like to maintain some level of user on-demand server administration capability. If I choose to go forward, I will get a NUC i8 but I am not there to convince myself to go with Roon yet.

Second question, can Genre be organized completely base upon my imported files, not Roon, not Tidal. It seems I have to go to each Genre categories to hide unwanted Genre and it seems to have 100’s of it. A bit overwhelm to manually change it.

Thank you for advising.

Hi, there is no need to leave Roon running all the time. You can quit it any time, just like any other app, and reopen it when you want to use it again.
Music will stop in any case if you close the lid of the Macbook. Also, if you close the app it will take a little time to start up and update itself, depending on the size of your library. If you move Roon to dedicated hardware, you would normally leave it always on, just like any server, so that it’s always available without delay even if located remotely - or you can shut it down if you prefer.

If you have multiple user logins, you can leave Roon running, and when a different user logs in it will still run.