Can I simply switch RoPieee off?

Hi everybody!

One of my RoPieee installations serves my wife’s headphone station which she uses maybe once a month.
I cannot really justify leaving the Pi running all the time for only that short a span of usage - on the other hand I do not want do ruin my SD-Card …
In another thread I read that RoPieee is basically read-only.
Is that really the case? Can my wife simply cut the power to the Pi without damaging anything?

At present we are using a Squeezebox-emulation by Max2Play which provides a plug-in that protects the SD-card by write-protecting it. That works well, but I would prefer to use RoPieee because all that business of Squeezebox-emulation seems rather unelegant to me in comparison.

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Short answer: yes.

I use Ropieee with smart sockets and these are frequently powered on/ off with TV and hi-fi systems. Ropieee checks for updates on boot. No issues after two or so years.

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Thanks Martin!

That sounds very good! Two years (and counting…) seems like a very attractive lifespan for such a setup!
So I will go ahead and install it that way.

I try to do a shutdown if I can but very often just pull the plug. You are more likely to corrupt the image on the card than damage the card itself, so a reflash is most likely the issue you might gamble on, but I’ve not had that happen that I recall in a year or more since adopting Ropieee and I was an early adopter.

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A reflash every one or two years would be no big problem.
I just want to make operations easy for my wife and that will be accomplished that way.