Can I stream an external audio feed to Roon?

I am enjoying roon so far for high quality music, but now that I have endpoints in multiple rooms it would be nice to be able to hit the API and push audio (wav/mp3/etc) to a zone so I can use it for automation endpoints. I checked the API but it looks like its just for control, and DLNA is only for endpoints, is there a way to do this currently?

IE: Currently I have my google homes as a DLNA endpoint that I push audio through w/ pulseaudio for a door chime when the door opens, or someone hits the doorbell, or for other various announcements.


No Roon can only source audio from files or from Tidal.

There is no API to inject audio into Roon.


Has there been any change with regard to the OP’s question?

I have wanted this sort of thing for years.

Having a way for our guests to connect via wifi or Bluetooth and send their local files to our active zones.

No nothings changed.