Can I stream from Roon Core to my iPhone?

If I have a Roon Core and have installed the Roon (remote) app on my iPhone, can I stream music to my iPhone (or iPad)?

You sure can

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Or should I say you can on Android

You can on iPad or iPhone too. You might need to enable your device in Settings > Audio.

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I thought you could😁

Just to be a bit more precise, if you are using your phone as control and want to stream to it, you just need to enable the phone under Audio Devices and then choose it as the output zone.

IF, you want to set the phone up as an endpoint, plug in speakers, and then play to it using OTHER control devices, like an iPad, additionally, you need to Turn Off Private Mode on the phone, and it will then be exposed as an endpoint to other control devices. This btw is a great use for old phones as a quick mobile endpoint for speakers or headphones.


Great info, thank you!