Can I swap Micro SD Card from RPi 3B to a RPi 3B+?

I have a perfectly functioning Raspberry Pi 3B connected to a Meridian Director DAC.

I saw a Flirc Pi case I liked better than my existing case, so I bought one. When I attempted to install the old Pi in the new case, I discovered the old Pi had a heatsink glued to the top of the processor, meaning the old Pi wouldn’t fit in the Flirc. I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good Pi by attempting to remove the heatsink.

So, I purchased a new Raspberry Pi 3B+ to fit the new case. Should I download and install new RoPieee software and copy the image to a new Micro SD or can I simply plug the existing SD card into the new 3B+? (and go make a Latté) If so, will I need to reconfigure RoPieee and Roon settings?


Well… in general I expect it it to work. You can’t ‘break’ things trying, so a simple test can’t hurd.

That said, I always would go with the Latté :wink:

And yes, that means you need to reconfigure it, but that should not take too much time.

On a sidenote: I’m working on a sync feature which makes it possible to store the config and pull it in automatically upon re-install.

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Thanks Harry,
I mustered the courage to go ahead make the swap and see what happened. Your right, my eero WIFI phone app told me I had a new device along with the new IP address. A couple minor config things with RoPieee and Roon and all is fine.

Harry, you have done a really nice job of making it easy to configure a Raspberry Pi to work with Roon, especially for us old folks who did not grow up with tech stuff! Well done!

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