Can I use Meridian core devices to run Roon?

Can I use Meridian core devices to run Roon?

At this time, Roon can only be run on Mac and PC.

While we can stream music to Meridian zones (or “endpoints”), at this time we do not support Meridian Core or Storage devices.

If this feature is important to you, let us know!

If any NUC or MacMini can run Roon, I really don’t see the benefit of re-using Meridian gear for this particular task… But then I’m not stuck with MC200’s or the like… for those people it might be a different situation.

It would be great to run Roon on a Meridian Core device for those of us who already own them.

The issue for me is will I get a better performance running Roon on a dedicated NUC or Mac Mini? The answer is yes, and for less money than a Sooloos Core plus Roon licence.

Also I can’t see at present how you would reverse the process if you decided to switch a Sooloos Core to Roon then changed your mind.

Sell the Sooloos Core, buy a much better specced NUC with some of the money you’ve raised.

Yes it is important to me.

You won’t be running Roon on a Meridian core as the requirements are just not met. Also, Sooloos is dead as Meridian have stopped support for it.
The requirements for Roon are in the Knowledge Base or just buy a Nucleus for a fit and forget system.