Can i use my devices differently with roon

i am using roon with a windows 10 pc, my device i am using for playback is a marantz av8805, my question is , is there away i can use my marantz av8805 in a different way than i am using it, right now , roon is using my marantz av8805 using airplay through my network, i want to know is there something i can do to get roon to use my marantz 8805 using my marantz 8805 dac through my network , so i am able to listen to my high resoulution music, instead of having to listen to my music in CD quality because of roon using airplay, i have my qobuz account connected to roon and i have alot of high resoulution music on qobuz that i cannot listen to through roon because of having to listen to it through airplay, is there something else i can download where my marantz 8805 can just process this high resoulution music itself and still use roon, i have audivarna also, audivarna plays my high resoulution music through my marantz 8805 properly as it should, i want to use roon in this sameway, so whatever it is that i may need to do to be able to do this please give me the instructions to be able to do this, thank you, because if i can do this with roon, i will switch to roon and not use audivarna anymore, thanks

Buy a streamer and connect it via USB to the Marantz. Something from Allo, Sonore, Sotm or Auralic for example. That would do the trick.

Well kind of what John said, except you dont have a usb in on that unit. So something like an Allo DigiOne and you go COAX from it to your Marantz.

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so there is no way to use roon, like i do audivarna through my network, unless i buy a seperate dac to connect to my marantz 8805, and use that to be able to use roon to playback my high resoulution music in that way, instead of buying a seperate dac to do this, i am just better to keep using audivarna, because i get high resolution playback with just audivarna

How does Audirvana connect to your Marantz?

audivarna uses my computer and outputs high-res playback through ethernet to my router and then inputs into my marantz 8805 ethernet port and thats how it accesses the dac in my marantz 8805, there is no usb input to connect directly to my 8805 to my computer, its just like a network player, but uses the ethernet cable instead of a usb cable, it sounds exactly the same if i was using a seperate dac using usb

Well, yes. But using what protocol? If you’re getting high resolution end to end it’s not AirPlay. Is it a upnp implementation? Or what?

If it is upnp, there are software bridges that would allow you to use Roon.

Hi Terry,
I think what was meant, what protocol does aurdrivana use. Hold on I’ll check…According to their website: network protocol UPnP/DLNA.

Roon uses neither of these, it uses its own network protocol RAAT. The Marantz has UpnP and DLNA built in probably, but does not have the Roon network protocol. Marantz would have to add it in via a firmware update. I have no idea if they are planning to do so, you might send Marantz a quick message asking them.

So, until that happens you choices are either Airplay as you have been doiong, or adding a streamer which does have the RAAT protocol to sit between the network and the Marantz.

Edit: Or as AndyR suggests a upnp bridge. Either way, you are still adding another device. Personally, I prefer to add the streamer.

According to it’s blurb you can use the USB to connect to it.
Hi-Res Audio

The AV8805 lets you discover the incredible fidelity of high-resolution audio tracks with the ability to decode up to 24-bit/192-kHz ALAC, FLAC and WAV lossless files as well as DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks (the audiophile format of SACD) via the front panel USB port and network sources. Or, listen to other popular file types such as MP3.

Question to andy, yes it is a UPnP, and what type of bridge would i use and how would I connect it to roon to enable it to work

The front panel usb port looks like it’s for usb memory devices only.

Yes it is and thats no use to me

I took that to mean USB storage options containing such files as is and has been the norm on AVRs. See this page:

I suggest a streamer like this one:

Yes daniel i know about that and I appreciate your response, i know exactly what my 8805 is capable of, but it just will not play roon like audivarna plays through it

The Sonore upnp bridge is what I’m thinking of, but it’s not something I have direct experience of. There is a software bridge lms-to-upnp which is similar but can run on an existing computer. I think either may take a bit of faff to set up, but many people have used one or the other to connect Roon and upnp devices like the older Naim streamers. Google will find many threads…

Thank you very much for the info

Maybe I missed it somewhere in this post but have you tried HDMI. Could be that it would not work the same with Windows 10 pc vs my Nuc/Rock but I have HDMI to a Denon 8500h and USB to an Oppo 205.

Just a warning that the dac in most receivers (using HDMI input) is poor quality For high res audio (you won’t get more than 16 or 18 bit depth). Check On the other hand you can buy a great 2 channel USB Dac for $100.

Roon uses RAAT protocol, Audirvana uses UPnP/DLNA.