Can I use my Roon account in multiple locations?

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Fios Ethernet hardwired to Linksys router

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Firefly DAC to Rotel integrated amp

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Can I use my Roon account in multiple locations?

I originally set up my account at home with the Nucleus and Qobuz, using an iPad as a remote control. I also want to stream Core with Qobuz at work directly onto a Chromebook, without a Nucleus, using my same account if possible. I downloaded Core onto the Chromebook but it states that it’s looking for a Nucleus, which I don’t have at work. How can I use Core in this scenario?

If you are running a second Roon Core, this was discussed here previously:

You just use it and it’ll ask you to unauthorize your old Roon Core. You can flip flop as many times as you want, but you can’t use both at the same time.

However, since you are running on a Chromebook, my guess is that you are running the Android build of Roon using ChromeOS’s Android support. Roon for Android does not support Roon Core functionality. It is a remote only.

There may be another way, using ChromeOS’s “Linux mode”. In this situation, your ChromeOS device is no different than any other Linux machine, and you could theoretically run Roon Server there.

You’d still need a remote, but it sounds like you have that working via the Android app.

The big caveat here is that Linux mode is “beta”, and may have other issues related to networking and discovery. Also, what Chromebook are you running? My guess is that it’s very much underpowered for running a Roon Core (unless it’s one of those awesome Google PixelBooks).

And how do I switch back and forth?
And can I use Core without a Nucleus?

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When the Roon Core runs if it has been previously authorise for another device it will prompt to un-authorise that other device and then it will authorise the current device. There is no limited to the number of times it can be switched.

Yes, there are many alternatives to a Nucleus; Windows PC, Apple Mac, Intel NUC (ROCK, Windows or Linux).

I recommend reading …

What I should make clear is this is for an independent copy of your Roon Core, automatic Database synchronisation across Roon Cores is not supported. Though a backup can be restored if required.

Many user have requested “Mobile Roon” which is where a Roon Remote can access the Roon Core (say at home) from a remote location. This is on Roon’s roadmap and development has started but there is no timeframe publish (Roon don’t do this).

See …

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