Can I use Roon DSP (Muse) Convolution with a All-In-One Device such as Hegel H390?

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I am just completely new to roon, but already read a lot about it. I am just starting to get my hifi setup. I do wan’t to solve room correction via Roon/Muse. I do not yet understand nor see precise information on how the different devices have to be connected for Muse to work. Would the following setups work.

  1. Roon NUC => RJ45 => Hegel H390 => Speakers
  2. Roon NUC => USB => Hegel H390 => Speakers

I am asking because someone told me that Muse only can be used if connected directly via USB to a roon ready DAC.

This is entirely false

  1. If the DAC is Roon Ready, you would not connect it by USB but over the network. That’s what Roon Ready is about in the first place.
  2. You can use Muse with Roon Ready over the network and by direct USB connection.
    — You can also use it with any other of Roon‘s output methods.
    — The signal processing by Muse happens on the Roon Server. That’s why it doesn’t matter what the post-DSP output is

Indeed. Whenever roon’s DSP is enabled it will send this altered signal to any output it’s connected to like e.g. USB, Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI etc.

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Things may change though for grouped zones:

Keep in mind that Roon’s DSP (Muse) currently only applies to music played via Roon. Roon is missing a general “input” to play other sources than the built-in ones. If you design a system that depends on Roon’s built-in filters to sound “good”/acceptable then you get into trouble if you ever want to play music from another source (examples: analog, other streaming service not integrated into Roon, …) or Roon goes away.

Thank you for the fast answers and cautious tips. I just wondered because somone in a Whatsapp Group said that Muse won’t work when streamer/dac is only connected via network. Thank you for the helpful clarification.

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Don’t believe what people say in WhatsApp groups


As an H390 owner, I can only confirm what the others are saying: yes, you can use Muse together with this amp, with any connection you want: Roon Ready (via network), usb, AirPlay… it all works.

I just checked back with the Whatsapp Group the guy said he had troubles to get Muse on CA MXN 10 running. But that device was just confirmed roon ready.

But you do not “run”: Muse on any endpoint, it runs on the server. I’m afraid whoever it is in that group, he has no idea what he is doing. Just configure DSP to your liking and enjoy the music.

By the way, from the official docs about RAAT:

  • Modest endpoint hardware requirements. This means endpoints don’t have to handle expensive DSP or content decoding–that will happen on the server. This means that many existing devices can add support for RoonReady without changing the hardware.


Thank you. Sorry, I did use the wrong words. I’ve personally read quite a lot and know that everything runs on the server. However, I learned here that “Roon Ready” actually means the device can be hooked up by ethernet and will be recognized by roon. Thanks for that.

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