Can I use Roon for just Tidal and Qobuz without a computer?

Hi there - is there any way I can use Roon to stream Tidal and Qobuz using an iPhone without having to have a computer running? Does the iPhone app stream directly?

I like Roon’s integration better than the respective native apps, just don’t want the whole “computer” aspect of it.

Any comment would be helpful.


Roon needs a core component installed on a computer to stream. Phones and tablet devices only serve as control devices. So no, you can’t stream directly from a phone without a core installed on a computer.

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That’s a shame because it’s a great aggregator of different streaming services. Thanks for the response.

Currently, Roon only “aggregates” Tidal, Qobuz, and your own music files. That could change in the future. You can build a NUC to run Roon core for around $500, I think.

In my head I don’t use a computer for Roon. Needing to do that would turn me right off the whole idea! I just listen to my music (mostly from Tidal) on various Roon endpoints/devices and control it all via the app on my phone or iPad. No computer interaction involved. My laptop and desktop are powered down the whole time.

That’s what is happening in my head…

In truth I have a Nucleus which runs the whole Roon business behind my back while I just get on with enjoying music. I have no interaction with it whatsoever, so to me it is not there. It is most certainly not a dratted computer whirring away in a dark corner. In my head.

NB it doesn’t whir. It is dastardly quiet. Almost too quiet. Is it even working?.. It must be; I’m listening to music…


A NUC with SSD’s or a Roon Nucleus with SSD’s are totally silent. But, they are both computers and you interact with them using another computer, phone, or tablet. I’m just posting this so as not to confuse the OP.

I agree.
I have written here about this trend.
Everything these days has computer technology inside, TVs and toasters and cars.
But the idea of a computer, a gadget on a desk with a screen and a keyboard and we walk up to it and operate it, is b3coming quaint.

Roon needs a device to do its stuff, the aggregation and searching and sorting and whatever else you need. And it needs a device to let you control it, like an iPad or something. And it may need a device to send the music to your hifi if it can’t get it by itself. Some people combine those functions in one device, I don’t because I have music in several rooms.

At no time do I think of those as computers.

But, the answer to this question is no.

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