Can I use RoonARC connectivity from a remote Roon client?

I have an apartment and a beach house. I have been running Roon Core in both locations, switching the license back and forth. Not a problem but not ideal as new local additions are a pain to sync.

I would like to be able to run a Roon client/bridge at the beach that would allow me to use Roon clients as I do as home.


Best you can do at the moment is ARC client, say on an iPhone, with AirPlay output to whatever devices you have as Roon endpoints. Pretty much anything that serves as a Roon endpoint is also capable of Airplay (either built-in, or via Shairport-Sync).

Right. That solution I am aware of.

I suppose this is a feature request… :roll_eyes:

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You should use Tailscale to connect your two houses so they are a single unified network

I have wanted to do this for a long time but never found a good solution. Will look into that, thank you.

what’s the networking setup in the beach home? you can easily add Tailscale to the USG and set up subnet routing, so that side is easy…

I have a site-to-site VPN set up between Unifi Dream Machine Pros in two locations (uses ipsec). I’ve never quite been able to work out how to set up the subnet routing - is it really that easy? It’d be really hlepful to have some guidance here because I’m clearly not alone in trying to get this to work and it’d be such a great setup. Thanks in advance for any explainers/tips…

In both homes I have a USG as the entry point. At the beach I have a full unifi setup (24 port PoE switch to 7 UAP-pro access points). At home it is just the USG to unmanaged Netgear gigabit switches and a Linksys Velop access point mesh running in bridge mode. Intertubes works great everywhere.

I initially was thinking that the USG themselves could form a virtual network. I know they can but the issue of dynamic WAN IP was a bit of a bummer to figure out and I got bored and distracted with other shinny things… Incidentally this is strange: the controllers on each side communicate with the main Unifi website - I can see them both all the time on my phone for example - so why can’t they use this to establish the VPN? Why do I need to set up a dynamic DNS service? Makes zero sense.

Found instructions to put Tailscale on the USGs, will try that, thx for the tip.