Can I use USB DAC with nucleus that's not roonready?

Hi, I use roon with my Lumin player with music from my NAS and Tidal account. Everything just works absolutely great! As a second system I would like to plug a USB DAC direktly to the USB socket on my nucleus. Does this USB DAC has to bo “roonready” or “roontested”? Or can I just use any USB DAC to directly play music from my nucleus? Beacause this is my second system I do not want to spend to much money for the USB DAC. I think of the Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 2S because it has everything I need:
-XLR out for my Geithain aktive monitors
-DSD Playback
-Bluetooth for other stuff then music
-Other digital inputs (for TV)

Or has anyone a other suggestion?

Thank you very much in advance for your help. Best regards, Reto

USB DACs don’t need to be Roonready, they just play the incoming signal. On the Roon website it says you can use Roon ready devices or USB DACs.

As long as the DAC is USB “audio class compliant” it will work. To get higher than 24b/96k it must be a audio class 2 compliant device.

Any DAC that requires custom drivers will not work on the Nucleus.

Fortunately, most DACs these days are class 2 compliant.