Can iTunes be pointed at ROCK's music?

If I installed a dedicated ROCK system, can I also point iTunes to use those tracks on the Roon drive?

My wife uses iTunes and wants nothing to do with Roon.

I believe so. To change the library location for iTunes, start iTunes holding the option key. click “choose library”, and navigate to the Roon server music folder. One problem is your music file types will be restricted to those understood by iTunes, ie, no FLAC support.

Does iTunes still mess with your files? It certainly used to move things about to ‘organise’ your library. Not a wise move to let it share the same library as Roon if it does.
A workround would be to move the iTunes library into your Roon library as a subfolder (and point iTunes to that subfolder only). That way, iTunes only sees its own files but Roon can see all.

Agreed, I don’t think I’d want to do it either. Normally you’d point Roon to iTunes’ music folder, not iTunes to Roon, especially as Roon can happily watch/track multiple music folders. You would also want to un-check “Keep iTunes Media folder organised” (Advanced settings) to stop iTunes modifying things if you went that route.

yes it’ll work, point your itunes to \\ROCK\Data\Storage<location>