Can lyrics be shown 1 second earlier instead of 1 second late?

Scrolling lyrics are always displayed late, making it very frustrating to try and read them after the line(s) have been sung. Can lyrics be shown 1 second earlier instead of 1 second late? Or, better yet, give us a slider that allows us to choose the pre-delay?

Thank you!!!


From my experience it seems that the timing is not in Roon’s Hand, but determined by the content provider’s metadata – some song lyrics not being timely, while others are.
And then there are wrong lyrics, also.

I would assume that… if the lyrics are streaming at the same rate as the content. But Roon gets the metadata for the album before we hit “Play”; if the lyrics are part of that set, then this is very doable.

Things are probably much more complex than common sense might imply.

Well, I’m asking, and I’d bet I could do it. :upside_down_face:


I’ve noticed this too, and in my case, I think the timing information for the lyrics is correct, but it’s just the desktop application that doesn’t display them properly. When I open lyrics in a webpage via the display functionality the timing appears to be pretty accurate. Here’s a side-by-side of the webpage (left) and the roon client (right). It’s a short clip, but this happens all the time for my lyrics.

Didn’t include the audio, but in my testing the webpage is generally spot on, and you can clearly see the difference between the two, with the desktop app lagging behind. Curious to hear if the web display lyrics work for other people too

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A setting for adjusting timing for lyrics +/- in milliseconds would be great.


Thanks for the reply, but for me, every device I’ve tried (and I’ve tried Windows, Mac, Chromecast, web browser, etc) is about 1 (or 2?) seconds late. I’d really like to see them before they have been sung, and being able to selectively set this would be icing on the cake. We’ll see… fingers crossed.


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