Can MP8 Stream DSD by RAAT


I’m a user of DAC 8 DSD with a PC installed roon as a player.

I guess it’s very normal for a user like me to be strongly interested in the roon ready network player MP8.

However, I’m not sure if the MP8 work with roon can support DSD streaming. I’ve read the user manual’s appendix B and there is no DSD support in the blank ‘Streaming Client’.

Does it mean I can only stream DSD through USB by MP8 and cannot through WLAN or LAN? When streaming through USB, does it necessary for a normal PC to work with a USB isolator (such as intona products) or just link them without anything. (I’m not sure if the MP8 need this.)


Fangqiu Chen

@Fangqiu_Chen - the MP8 supports PCM streaming only - so if DSD shall be transmitted to the DAC8DSD it can only be done via USB.
You can either connect a PC directly or use a ethernet/USB bridge. PCs or bridges can be connected directly an external USB isolator is not required as the DAC8DSD has a very efficient internal isolation (i.e. a complete galvanic isolation between digital and analog circuitry).