Can no longer stream to Marantz SR7011

Core is running on a MacMini connected via ethernet to a Cisco switch to the Marantz SR7011.

It’s been working great since purchased but I believe it stopped working around the time the Marantz was updated for Airplay2 support a couple of weeks ago. Roon still sees it as a network device, but playback never begins (playhead and time never advances).

I can stream directly to it from all other streaming sources (Synology DS Audio, Spotify, Apple Music, Mac and iOS devices) but not Roon.

Roon is streaming fine to my other devices via Airplay (Marantz CR610, Devialet Phantom, AppleTV, Macs, iOS devices, HomePod)

Does Roon need to be updated for Airplay2 support?

Hey @HaroldChasen,

Thanks for reaching out to us, we appreciate your report. The team is currently looking investigating this behavior.

Regarding Airplay 2 support, we currently have no announced plans.


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Thanks for looking into it. In the meantime I was able to rollback the Marantz firmware to the version prior to the addition of Airplay 2 and it’s working again.

Hopefully Roon will add Airplay 2 compatibility soon.

Hi @HaroldChasen,

We’ve just released build 363 of Roon which includes a change to address playback issues to devices that support Airplay2. Note that Roon does not support Airplay2 — This change addresses devices that recently added Airplay2 support. Please take a look at the release notes below and give the update a try.

Aces, updated the Marantz and Roon can stream to it again. Thank you for letting me know!

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