Can not get Disc one and two correct for Double disc set

I am just finished ripping my Pink Floyd box set “The Early Years”. One of the disc sets is called “Cambridge St/Ation”. It has two disc.

I am ripping with EAC, and using tags from GD3. For some reason when ever I place the imported files into the Library folder on the Roon server, it imports as an unmatched album. No problem, I can manually match it. I select any one of the three options that roon suggests, they are the correct album, but for some reason it has disc 1 and 2 swapped. I really dont want to have to use the arrows to move around 31 track between the discs to get track names correct

I used an external program to edit the meta tags to change disc one to two, and two to one on the tracks. All the tracks are in one folder. When I delete the old folder and copy in the new one with redone tags, Roon still get the disc numbers wrong. There are no play list files in the folder, just FLAC files. I tried swapping the disc one and disc two in the Disc# tag several times. No luck. Is there a hidden tag or something? When I import the discs as departed disc (one folder per disc) it shows the disc number correctly, but when matched/merged it breaks.

I attached images of what roon does no matter how I have the tags set, and images of the tags set properly, and swapped where I tried to fix the issue)

Make sure you’re following the guide: FAQ: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly?

Roon matches your files with online metadata, primarily from Rovi Corp. ( This is the metadata Roon gets:

  • Exist other releases of this disc set with changed disc order (online reference?)?
  • If you try to identify in Roon, are there other versions to choose from?

So I tried changing my disc order Swapping which one was disc one and disc two, by renaming file/folders and changing tags. so either disc was 1, as seen in the screen shots attached to original post.

There are three versions Roon suggests int he identify option, all three do this.

I assume you are seeing the two discs As individual albums. Have you tried merging the two albums by selecting them both and go top right to “edit” and select “merge albums”.
I believe that roon will correctly detect the 2 disc set afterwards

I tried renaming the tracks with the disc-track prefix, no love. I just bit the bullet, poured a bourbon and used the arrows to align the 33 tracks manually.


Thanks everyone.