Can one swap SD cards to change a Raspberry Pi's function?

What I mean is if I buy an SD card and attempt the HQ Player jiggery pokery on it, can I swap a “RoonBridge” SD card for the HD Player card depending on my whim? (obviously not hot swap).


Sure, I’ve done it many times.

Okay, I have one Pi with hifiberry set up with with Rene’s instructions working fine.

Now I have a second sample and have written the hifiberry roon image to it and it shows up immediately.

Now I want to try the NAA image and have written this to another SD card. But I cannot access the hifiberry image through PuTTY, I get a password error. So what is the best way to swap for another SD card?

Unplug the Pi, remove hifiberry card, insert NAA card and plug in again?


As it’s the only way: yes.