Can Roon analyse 'sonic similarity' like Plex Super Sonic?

Antonio good luck with this.

What is wrong with the PlexAmp as a remote app or am I missing something with this?
My Plex server is back to Sonic analysis on 1804 albums again :wink:

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It cant control the endpoints onky push to airplay or Chromecasts or itself so you can put it on a headless device.

I was referring to this:

I read that to mean that I can’t use a remote device to control playback at an endpoint that isn’t the same device as said remote device. So, endpoint feeding digital signal to DAC cannot be controlled by anything other than the endpoint GUI. Maybe I read that wrong?

Dude, if the analysis keeps restarting on 1804 albums, I’m in for a world of hurt…

Ah makes sense, not the way I use it.
So I didn’t have my head around that

No that’s 1804 left… Down to about 1780 now :flushed:
Hopefully you have something a little more powerful than my Synology, but also replacing disk drives at the same time so it loses a lot of horse power from that.

I use PlexAmp with Sonos and it works great as a remote for that and allows me to control playback from the app nicely. That’s how we listen to music in the office.

Exclusive mode allows the application to take control of the audio device on the computer or device involved. It allows for sample rates to switch automatically to ensure bitperfect playback of the content and it is as the source. Without your at the mercy of the operating system running the audio, a fixed sample rate it chooses or you choose so the os will resample all content to that fixed rate , also any other app can also add system sounds etc. Not something desirable for hifi playback.

You can’t run the latest plexamp on a pi only an older version and it’s headless without any form of remote as the latest PlexAmp is windows, Mac, Linux or iOS and Android. This can only send audio via Airplay or Chromecasts Sonos or play locally it can’t control any other instance of PlexAmp. They keep saying they will add it but it’s been years already without it.

If you run it on a pc then usb out to DAC is what you need but no exclusive as discussed above, but you can control it with the GUI on that pc.

Phew! Yeah, I switched my i7, old-but-32GB-of-RAM work tower into music server duty, and started using my i3 NUC as a work PC (it had been the music server), after the NUC started struggling with my library. Running audiolinux… I suspect that will make a big difference - I used to store my music on a Synology NAS, but that got to be too old and of insufficient capacity.

@CrystalGipsy, that sucks about PlexAmp. I’m sure I won’t like the sound, then, but I’ll still try it to check out their algorithm. I’ve always been interested in those, going back to Pandora and Apple Genius. Like it or not, it’ll keep me off the streets!

I imagine an i7 with all that memory will eat it up. I did install Ubuntu on an i5 Nuc to test it, got it all working and then started playing with HQPlayer so that went out of the window.

My quad core Synology works perfectly with Plex and everything besides this process has never been a problem, so patience will hopefully pay off. I add about 10 albums a month so hopefully once it is done it will tick along happily enough.

I too am looking for a Pandora style solution, so I hope it works after waiting all this time for the music to process (though updating to DSM 7 just after starting was not the smartest move a man can make)

Cant get it to work on my server. It just wont do the anlaysis even if I force a scan, dont see any of the options to use it in PlexAmp either. Not off to a great start. I followed the instructions to turn it on, but nothing changes this state.

Been there for the last two weeks
I originally got the scan going before I screwed up by updating DSM and spent several days recovering Plex

But it is running again now and I have no idea why :thinking::see_no_evil:

From my reading you get none of the features until the whole process is completed. It looks like it will run for several days to come.

Its not even running on mine. It scans instantly and then thats it. No other activiry is going on.

I’m not sure what kicked it back off running on my setup.
I have disabled and re-enabled the features several times to try and kick it off, but it looks like it started running analysis on its own, so it’s a bit frustrating, but it is fairly early in it’s life, so maybe more beta type reliability

all set up just no action.

Like most Plex releases. It has that many updates for bug fixes all the time it becomes a little annoying at times, it can be as bad as QNAP for that.

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Why cant PlexAmp have a close button either its bloddy annoying.

That has become my frustration on Windows while trying to test this.
So mine looked exactly like yours, but now it looks like this.
But it has only analysed 40 albums all evening, so by that rate it will be finished by the end of Sept.
(It is rebuilding a disk in the array at the same time)

My 2018 mac mini i7 has been analyzing for 4 days when i activated sonic analysis. Couldn’t see it in plex either. Only the cpu in system monitor gave a clue.
Found out that you’ll need the latest webinterface to view the progress.!/

Thanks I see it working via that. What a crock Plex is at times why only update the web app part of this that just crazy.

My system analysed just over 70 songs overnight. It’s going to be a long wait…

(Seems to analyse around 160-200 songs a day and 40k tracks in my library :thinking::see_no_evil:)

At least the raid has finished rebuilding now :grin:

Mines chugging along on my i3 NuC likely be done by tomorrow if not sooner. 256 left of 605