Can Roon connect to more than one Tidal Account?


Am looking for Information before purchase consideration.

Will Roon only connect to one Tidal Account or is it possible have different Roon “users” (sub-users in one Roon account) connect to their own Tidal account?

All users on one Tidal account.

If that is the case, would making a playlist in a Roon another sub user add the playlist to the Tidal account or does it only do that to the main user in the Roon account?

Playlists only flow one way Tidal to Roon. Playlists created in roon don’t flow back to Tidal and the original Tidal playlists aren’t amended through roon.
You can export roon playlists and import them into tidal through 3rd party services such as Soundiiz.

As I understand it, it’s due to the way roon imports a track into the roon library and then applies all the extra metadata layers effectively created a metadata expanded copy that is then divorced from the original. To be honest it’s a pain.

One or the other I guess… I prefer the better metadata cache of Roon over my own manual Metadata inputs sometimes tbh but I can see where it’s a pain…

Well my concern is only other Roon “sub-users” messing with my Tidal playlist but if it’s a one way street, it’s all fine