Can Roon play Quad Files?

Can Roon properly decode Quad files for proper 4-channel playback? I noticed that my Pink Floyd DSOM Immersion files (in original 4.0 Quad format) channel maps to 5.1 playback.

I thought “Channel Mapping Only” would result in pure 4.0 playback.


Hello @Herb_Goedecke,

The conversion from 4.0 to 5.1 channels as you are seeing is a feature to ensure formatting capability with multichannel receivers. Many will not playback audio in a true 4.0 bitstream. As long as you have channel mapping only enabled, the audio should be the same.


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Hmmm … that’s not necessarily true with my Denon 4520 AVR.

When I used JRiver 23, my AVR DAC perfectly decodes the multi-channel streams.

For example:

From Pink Floyd’s Immersion Box Set, DSOTM, tracks like “Breathe In the Air” are available in original stereo, quadraphonic, and 5.1 Surround editions.

Using JRIVER 23, all tracks decode perfectly, in the right bit depth and resolution, and number of channels - just as the recording intended. Specifically, 4.0 channels for Quad (no subwoofers) and 5.2 (both subwoofers) for the multi-channel surround.

There’s nothing wrong with my AVR. Something not right with how ROON decodes multi-channel recordings.
Is there a setting somewhere that’s preventing TRUE 4.0 channel decoding or is this a software flaw?


Once again I wish Roon would not try to wrap non-5.1 files in a 5.1 wrapper. You did it for a while with two-channel files and it messed up playback because receivers and processors thought the files were 5.1 and therefore wouldn’t add surround sound processing such as Dolby Pro Logic II. Please just send the files as is, just like others do (others being sacd players, dvd-Audio players, JRiver, etc.).

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I would agree … and thanks for confirming this. While not a deal-breaker for ROON, it is a drawback for those purists like myself who wish to listen to recordings as they meant to be listened to.

I don’t understand the logic in changing 4.0 files to 5.1 files. Is this a complex technical issue? It really should be fixed so that, as you say, channels are sent unaltered from ROON to the DAC.

I guess I have to go back to JRiver to play the few 4.0 Quad files that I own.

Contrived complexity. Again. As a Roon lifetime subscriber, and a Roon fan, I will say this: if Roon was a superhero, their superpower would be Overcomplication, :slight_smile:

I really wish they would take a step back and rethink their strategy… sometimes I am reminded of Microsoft BOB in Windows 95.

Don’t try to outthink your users Roon. There’s a lot of us out here maybe you’re outnumbered…