Can Roon recommend music in Tidal based on my play history?

I don’t see that Roon recommends music from tidal based on my preferences or play history. I see I can add music from tidal to my Roon library, but I would like to see Roon use it knowledge of what I like to curate music from tidal the same way it does from my library.

If there is a way to accomplish this already please explain.


I would really like that :slight_smile:

I’m going to join the echo here with a me too. I’ve been thinking of this exact thing, I know the music in my library but I am sure there is a lot on Tidal related to what I enjoy that I simply don’t know about. I’m not just talking about the similar artists option but something closer to the discover option.

I’d love that too!

Yes! Had the same thought.

Well, not the same, but at least the radio function will play similar music after a track or album ends, if that function is activated.