Can roon scan cd ripped files by Exact Audio Copy (windows) and XLD (Mac)

as title. My library consists most from these 2 ripper in WAV format.


Perhaps, depending on how you set them up. There is a free trial of the software, fruit and see.

I know my library contained many WAV files ( do not remember the ripping program) and Roon had no issues scanning and importing all of them when I joined and setup for the first time.

you should only need to have then in a folder that Roon watches. That’s true of any file in a format that Roon recognizes.

It doesn’t care where they come from, as long as when you ripped them they are named correctly and have metadata they it can use to match them to its metadata sources.

Thanks everyone
Tried free-trial and it works!
One last question
There are still some ripped albums not identified by scan (no artwork shown), can I assume they are either metadata not recognized by Roon, or not but perfectly ripped? Which one would be most likely the cause?

Thanks everyone

Could be either or it’s just not in Roons database, AllMusic does have holes. You can try and edit those in Roon to try and get it to match or use your own metadata an artwork if it has them.

@CrystalGipsy thanks, Simon