Can roon watch/correct for saturated/clipping music

There are some/lot of Cd existend that are saturated, means have a musical/amplitude/ -peakes up to 0 dB or even the recording is clipped further more.Just test it with a suited sw like “Audacity”, here you can even proof for “single” or the amount of peaks that have “full signal”.
As in my configuration is use zero dB output(volume will be done in my active speakers), the whole audio chain is carry that signal and any changes(like RC) will make the audio more worth.
Can Roon-i know its a fault from TIDAl or finally the CD manufacturer- proof the TIDAL library and in case of 0DB, to correct that ?

Read DSP Engine: Headroom Management to find out how to add headroom and activate the clipping indicator. No automatism here.

Read Volume Leveling to find out about the different options available for volume levelling in Roon.

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